The Pen’s Power

Posted on 07 Jun 2017 by admin

Summary: Venus, Mercury and Mars are aligned by 30 degree aspects of “flowing enegy” at the very beginning of Taurus and Gemini. An exasy expression of your passion through your voice is available for a moment.

A new chapter,  A New Hope,  A new beginning…

Something new in the world has just begun. If your are born very near the beginning of a sign (or at the very end of one) this means you. This last Moonth has seen a birth in your personal world. And likely afterbirth and danger; all attendant on birthing. You can see these three lights right at sunset today, 7 June 2017. Low in the west you’ll see the beautiful silvery white of Venus, then, a bit higher in the sky, one twelfth of the full circle away, is Mercury – a small white dot. Higher still you’ll find Mars – drive, passion, desire – a reddish orange point, also in ‘flowing energy’ connection to what we love (venus), and how we talk about it.

It time to speak your passion into being, using your Voice to call your vision. Any form of communication or working with ideas will do; “Voice” includes speaking, writing, thinking, learning, teaching, whining: howsoever you speak; do it now.