Starting a conversation

I have two minutes to write this note to you.


Why ? Because I am taking a wild leap into the unknown, and recommitting to my career as a counseling astrologer. And, naturally, I want to do so at an ‘auspicious’ time, hopefully giving a nudge to fate towards my desired outcome. In two minutes (4:48 PM, 10 January 2013) the harbinger of radical change (Uranus) is having scary tea in a public forum with the indicators of career and vocation (Tenth House). At the same time, the Sun – think “Energy, Life”, is illumining the areas of life that govern connections with peers and intimates (Seventh House).

So it seems like a good moment to ‘start the blog’ – with the intent of publicly claiming an innovative profession that takes some courage, and that relates to it’s clients as equal partners.

My marketing books and advisers tell me “you have to have a blog”. Reading in Charles Hugh Smiths’ book Weblogs and the New Media , Mr. Smith writes of an emerging two-way communication between the general public (you) and the company (me), replacing the old communication models of advertising, which are monolithic, autocratic and one-way. And indeed, the new media allow the masses (us) to register our opinion and preference regarding the massed clumps of power and influence we know as the businesses with whom we must interact, but never as equals.
If you don’t believe me, try contesting your phone bill. I did, and am still waiting for AT&T to reply.

Yet, media such as this give great hope to righting the current imbalance of power. I’ve just done so by registering my satisfaction with how my auto mechanic resolved a problem. If the problem had continued, I’d have written a different opinion on

In a way, this moderately rambling post exemplifies the “Just Do It” school of astrology, and of life – there is never a perfect moment, and if you wait for the stars to perfectly align, you’ll never get out of bed.

Yes, I do use astrology to time important life events, and stack the deck of fate to my advantage – when I can. But sometimes you have to make the best choice from a very limited set of options and just leap.

Or else you won’t.

And then you’ll stay the same.