Moon Kisses Jupiter

Normally, I don’t give much attention to the transits of the moon.  Like our fluctuating
tides of emotion, one moment happy, the next sad – they simply don’t last long enough to
make much difference in my life.

But this time, it’s different.

So often these days you’ll find astrologers bound to our computers.  When I got started as an astrologer, we were tied to our ephemeris – a big book full of  long columns of number. Casting  a chart meant lots of linear interpolation – which is,  lots and lots of adding, subtracting, division and multiplication. I had this incredible newly invented tool that made it much faster – it was called a calculator, and they were expensive and totally worth it – it cut my calculation time for a chart down to about half an  hour.  I was a teenager, and i was fast !

And then, after the numbers, the story – what does it all mean ?  more time at a desk,
getting ready for a client.

Nowadays, I like to relive the old days – what it meant  to be an astrologer.
How ? Simple.  Wait until dark, and then look up.  and keep looking.

Behold the night sky.   Feel your feet on the earth, and your vision – your soul – in the sky.
The moon, bright , luminous, beautiful in her velvety cape of night, set with jewels
that glow, and move.

Feel your connection with the infinite sky, and with the intelligence that surrounds it.

That is what it means to be an astrologer.

So, what’s this got to do with a smoochy moon ?

If you look up at the moon about 7:21 PST on Monday night, you’ll see a big bright dot
just touch the edge of the moon.   That dot is Jupiter.  When two dots line up (drop a
line from a planet-dot straight down to the earth.  If that imaginary line touches another
planet – that’s what a conjunction _is_.  Not two numbers on your computer that have the
same value, but two moving lights in the infinite sky,  aligned.

And rarely, they actually touch – not just line up , one above the other – but  really touch.

That happens on Monday – our feelings (moon) and faith (Jupiter) connect deeply, albeit
briefly.  Moon_Kisses_Jupter_19Jan2013

When someone you admire compliments you – how do you feel ?  Remember how
you lit up, and the next day, you  felt like you could do any thing.  And perhaps you could.

That’s on the menu for Monday – a peck on the cheek from the gods.

Inspired, emboldened, and needing inspiration for this blog post, Ive dug out my
telescope and looked at Jupiter, and the moon.  Oh ! my gods !   I saw the craters
of the quarter moon.  And the four satellites of Jupiter, flung about the giant planet like
tiny pearls on a string.  And I am resolved to save some cash and buy the equipment I need
to take a digital photo, so I can show you, dear reader, what I saw., and share the mood
of empowered inspiration.

So, this Moon-day eve, if you feel need of some beauty, or a renewal of hope, find yourself
a dark sky., breathe in, and look up.

What will you feel ?  Whatever it is,  _that_ is astrology.