It’s Complicated

“I hear Wars, and rumors of Wars”.

Astrology is all about relationships. Most of my relationships generate more questions than answers – which may be fine. Much, nay, most, of the work of becoming a better person arises from the striving involved in answering the Questions. It is the inner work of answering the questions that _is_ the experience of inner change. And it is change inside ourselves that precedes making different behavioral choices. Change your behavior, and the world around you changes. External changes cause a different experience of the world, leading to new beliefs about what is real, which is inner change, leading to new questions to ask of ourselves. And so the wheel turns.

If this is true, then getting the questions right is terribly important, Said differently, it’s tremendously helpful to Ask the Right Questions. If we lived in a benevolent universe, that wanted to support our evolution both personally and public, wouldn’t existence help us find the good questions?

Mundane astrology – what’s happening right now – is, in one sense, the recognition of the questions being asked by the changing inter-relationships between the planets. This blog’s inspiration comes from noting there are some seriously big questions out there these days. As I write (10 Sept 2013), it looks like the United States may opt not to bomb Syria, thereby opting not to start World War III. Hmm, Nuclear War or No Nuclear War? Personally, I think that’s a pretty serious question.

What is the right relationship between power, rebellion, force and control?

I’ve written of the enduring tension between Pluto and Uranus – between power and rebellion, between intensity and freedom, and our pressing need to re-invent morality. Lately, that dire question is complicated by the addition of the issues of law, safety, and control (Saturn, now sextile Pluto).

Saturn, sextile, Pluto- that means this will be easy, right? after all, the astrology textbooks tell us that the sextile (60 degree) relationship is Good? Well, maybe. If it is easy to pass more judgments on behavior and issues that scare us, that remind us of concerns we’d rather not deal with, will those (possibly) snap decisions be wise, thoughtful, and reflect the consideration appropriate for powerful issues? Or maybe, ‘easy’ also means that you will have support for bringing a mature and disciplined element to the discussion.

All this has been brewing for a few weeks.

What has pushed me to write is this: Today, the Warrior (Mars (at 9 degrees of Leo , issues of assertion, force, courage and terror) strides into the discussion, bringing belligerence and a total willingness to push for a resolution and compromise. The Warrior is also just fine seeing it all break down in a hasty rush for action. If I were to pick a day in which I’d expect the tangled web of interpersonal and international tensions to go ‘pop’, today would be that day. Right about 11:46 PM, PDT, when Venus enters Scorpio, adding a bit of relationship intensity to the mix.

“As Above, So Below”, So, what’s it got to do you ? After all, most of us are not invited to the geo-political table. But you are invited to your dinner table, and we all have hot-button issues. Maybe today is a day to Have the Conversation you have been avoiding. If you bring courage, clarity, inventiveness to bear on complex issues that get you hot, that you’d much rather make go away, then you might just make some decisions that juice up your life in a good way.