On Relocated Birth Charts

I recently found a short discussion of a relocated chart in an  unrelated web site, and thought to add a bit to the discussion.

 it was explained: just enter the same birth data except a different city/country. Compare where the planets houses are. Your natal chart is always the same–but like a full bucket of water.
When you move, you lose half a bucket of water and add the other half which is the influence of the relocation chart (houses/planets)–to make a full bucket of water/interpretation.

I agree with this comment, but have a bit to add.
Technically, the relocated chart is the same moment in time, only experienced from a different location.  So the planet degrees and inter-relationships will be the same. What changes are the house cusps, and consequently the houses in which the planets appear.

Practically, what this means is that the areas of life (houses) that are energized by the planets change, and thus the relative importance of the differing circumstances of your life if you happen to visit, or move to , the new location.

Sometimes, when you relocate a chart, you’ll find that a planet is conjunct one of the four angles of the relocated chart. Where this occurs, the themes of both that planet and the angle in question are  emphasized, which means ‘have more power’.  is this a Good Thing ?On_Relocated_Charts_1of2

It depends.  If I have, for example, major issues with self-assertion , and my natal Mars is, hypothetically, square Neptune, then moving to that place that puts Mars on my ascendant will trigger my birth issues into more expression than if I stay at home.  So, maybe at the new location my native tendency to dissipate my assertiveness into fantasy will become painfully evident. Perhaps the confrontations that might result will help me do the scary thing and express my imagination via actions, freeing my inner Dom (:-). or at least, one becomes more aware of the issues and initiates a series of ‘small’ risky actions. Or maybe I’m just touchy and irritable.  All the above are responses to increasing energy and visibility of that part of our selves symbolized here by the planet Mars.

The example chart’s shown are of Adventurer and Author Thor Heyerdahl, who sailed from Tahiti to South America on a boat he lashed together from reeds, to prove that ancient Polynesians could have visited South America. Born with a Mars/Neptune square in Norway,  his chart, relocated to the South Pacific, puts Mars on the Ascendant.

And it’s the same witOn_Relocated_Charts_2of2h the other planets. So I agree with your analogy of moving the bucket of water (energy) around, but I also wanted to add a practical, and hopefully useful, example of how it works.

By the way, AstroCartography maps are a convenient summary of the geographical locations where planets are conjunct the four angles of natal chart.

p.s.  I don’t live on a Mars line.  Maybe I should …