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To schedule a session with me, please fill out the form, below, with your personal birth information, and select which type of counseling session you’d like to have with me. 

When you click the “Send my session information” button , I’ll receive an email with the information you’ve provided. If you selected the “Schedule Appointment” checkbox, you (should be) taken to my online Appointment Calendar.

If my regular appointment schedule (Thursdays and Fridays) doesn’t meet your needs, please let me know what will work for you, in the field labelled “When can we talk”, below, or write me via my Contact Form .


 Most of my sessions are done via telephone, or Skype, or Zoom. 

If you’d like to meet in person (my preference!)  I can see you in my Carlsbad, CA office.

I am working on adding appointment scheduling to this website, but it’s not yet ready for use…

These are the services I currently offer, for a longer description, please see here: