Digging deeper

Remember the last time you were driving in daytime, stopped at a light and glanced to your right to find, peeking through a  gate in a fence, a different world?  Your gaze met a different color sky, two moons, and bird-like creatures intermixed with humans on a crowded sidewalk , and what were clearly spacecraft in a landing pattern in the distance. The light changed to green, you shook your head in disbelief and drove on, only to find at the next stop light the same world looking back at you through a storefront window.

It’s like that.

Maybe I should back up a bit.

Planets, seen from the Earth, sometimes appear to go backwards for a while, retracing their path, and then head forward again, covering the retraced region of the zodiac a third time before heading off into the future. This phenomenon is called ‘Retrogradation’ and generally signifies a period in which the part of our awareness symbolized by the planet is invited to slow down, turn its focus inward and go deeper. It may look like not much is happening, but sometimes, it’s the deep changes, the breakthroughs in darkness, that rock your world.  Which matters more – changing the water heater, or redoing your home’s plumbing to install copper pipe and a water filter that purifies every drop of water you use ?

Uranus, the great awakener, has been retrograde since mid July and is about to head forwards again on Wed, 18 December 2013.  Now, this is no ordinary back-and-forth, because this time, Uranus – that part of us that urges us to learn what it is we truly are, how we are unique and where we’ve compromised our freedom and right to claim a life truly our own – is going back and forth not once, not twice, but four times  between July 2011 and December 2014.  So, whatever part of your life is calling you to claim it, boldly becoming who you truly are, it really wants you to dig deeply into what is hidden, and make bold (Aries) changes – specifically, in the areas of your natal chart between 0 and 12 degrees of Aries.  And, as if that weren’t enough, during the entire time Uranus is challenging how we deal with our issues of passion and power – especially the ones that scare us, via its ongoing tussle (squares) with Pluto.

When Uranus heads forwards again, you’ll be challenged to bring into awareness the inner changes you’ve been working on since July.   How will you integrate your emerging self-knowlege  – the hidden jewel of true change and claim the prize of an authentic life ?

Will you be able to let go of who you used to be, and build into your life what you’ve unearthed, using breath to change  fear into excitement ?  I hope so.

You have seven months to find a setting for this jewel,  to play with your new shiny exciting sense of “THIS IS WHO I AM!”, until 14 July 2014, when Uranus turns retrograde, and the delving begins anew, with another chance for a breakthrough.

Most lottery winners can’t handle their winnings.  You’ve won some sort of prize, too, and now the struggles of metaphysical taxation and self-inertia will try to lull you back to who you were before Uranus entered this territory (8 Aries to 12 Aries ).

You can keep this prize of an authentic life by moving from fear to adventure.

Look at where you’ve been taking or avoiding risks for the last six months.  In these areas of life (where you find early Aries in your chart) when you have a choice between staying safe, and taking a leap – choose bravery, at least until  April 2013, when Uranus passes it’s starting place for its most recent journey into the mines of your true self.

Maybe it’s like the WiFi router I am fussing with at home. When more than one person is using my web connection it all slows to a crawl.  A computer maven says my equipment needs more memory, but that if I change software, then the old router I have will perform wonders. So, I can have the power, but to get it, I have to give up the old software – the security of what I know, the reliable ‘just good enough’.  Will I take the leap ?  Will you ?

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