Monthly Coaching

These are short, focused, affordable monthly sessions that
use astrological timing to describe how to best use your energies to
accomplish your current goals.

In a monthly phone call (15-30 min.) I'll suggest how you can use your yearly rhythm to guide your efforts in accomplishing your goals. I'll also alert you to ways in which you can use the qualities of the coming month's astrological weather to get more done.   As an example, I might suggest that for the next weekend, you be prepared to work hard and get a lot done (a Saturn transit, perhaps) or that channeling anger into constructive action might be especially pertinent for the last week of the month.  Your chart is specific to you, and so is the advice I'll offer in these sessions.

Our first session will take a bit longer to allow us to identify what worthy accomplishments you want to manifest during the next year.

Price: $25.00

Shipping: $0.00

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