Wearing the Hat

At 1:17 today I plan to say “Yes”, even though I’m scared.

“Yes” to an invitation to write a monthly astrological blog for someone else’s web site.
“Yes” to writing on someone else’s schedule
“Yes” to being seen more widely as an astrologer, and “Yes” to being seen at all.
“Yes” because thinking about that inspired me to write this posting .
“Yes” to a Yelp account (Souljoy Consulting, in Escondido).

Like about 30% of us, I am an Introvert. I don’t like visibility.
Going public as an astrologer scares me. I might get shamed or ridiculed or judged badly on Yelp or worse …

To my fears I answer “yes, I know you are scared. And it is also true that you were born to explore what it is like to act courageously in a public role, to
“feel the fear and do it anyway”

I know this because Astrology tells me so.

The mythic description of how best to present ourselves to our community, is described by the astrological tenth house, (The very top point of our chart, as usually printed in western astrology.) This spot — also known as the MiidHeaven, or “M. C. ” or Median Coeli – tells the story of the myth you ‘should’ project or inhabit as you function in a public role.

What’s very high up is highly visible — so, this point represents how you are ‘meant’ to be seen to those who don’t really know you, except by reputation. It is the answer to the question about “So, it’s nice to meet you — what do you do ?” This question is shorthand for : “Hello respectable Stranger: As we are strangers, I know only what is public about you , how shall I relate to you ?”

For someone with the sign of the Aries,( the explorer, the warrior, she-who-acts-despite-fear-and-uncertainty) on their Midheaven, they are learning to be courageous in public. Their ‘Perfect Life’ would include being seen as ‘courageous”, “adventurous”, “aggressive” or “bullying”. So maybe I should become a cop or a soldier, or any role in which I am leading the way, and getting into situation that scare me. This might include teaching or becoming a truth-telling astrologer.

It doesn’t really matter what the label on the role is, so long as it allows you (the wearer of the role) to be feel and be seen as someone
who embodies the qualities of the sign on your Midheaven.

A Red Beret, out of focus.

A Red Beret, out of focus.

I like to think about this as “Wearing the Hat”.

The “Hat” is a public role that identifies and empowers its wearer to temporarily embody a Character or Myth.

As an example, imagine you are in a crowd in an old, beautiful public square in Rome, Italy.  Someone near you says “He’s here!” You ask “Who ?” and following the pointing finger , you see the pure white triple crowned hat , worn by the person elected to be the Pope.

Who ? Why, it’s the Pope ! How do you know ? Because he’s wearing the Pope Hat (it’s called a Mitre). And because he holds the visible symbols of his role, you accept him as Pope. He wears the Hat.

When he woke up, he didn’t have it on. He bathed, dressed, and then put on the Hat.

Why would he do that ?

  • It warms his head — much of a Pope’s duties are out doors, or in large drafty cathedrals. A warm hat keeps him comfortable and supports
    his ability to be a spiritual leader — it’s hard to lead ritual if you are shivering with cold.
  • It cues his self-awareness that “t’s time to be Pope”.
  • It tells his subconscious to express the qualities and powers of the Papacy “If it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium. If I’m wearing a Mitre, I must be the Pope”
  • It tells everyone around him that he’s ready to perform the role of Pope – expressing an archetype into the human world.

Performing your community role is tantamount to being wiling to Wear The Hat . It means being willing to take on a role so that you can fulfill your purpose in your community. And it means receiving the projections that people put onto whomever Wears The Hat.

Accepting, but not identifying with, the glory they think you are.  And the hate they dump onto you — because it’s not you, after all , that they see, it’s the Hat. And whatever else gets tossed you way because of what the hat — your role- excites and inspires.

It means picking a hat that ‘looks good on you’, which is to say, it matches who you are, and are becoming, so that the hat is a true, if simplified , expression of your true self.

It means picking a hat that won’t destroy you –  Identifying with a pubic role brings increased energy that is both potent and addictive.  The shadow of the myth of your Hat is there as well, and wearing it will aquaint you with it.

And it means taking off the Hat at the end of the day, deflating, and returning to being ‘just you’.

If you can do that, you’ve a hat you can wear with pride, and with grace,

My Hat needs to allow me to learn about courage, leadership and being seen. More nuance of a proper hat involves the planet that is associated
with the sign on the MC. For Aries, that’s the planet Mars, and so my hat will also need to reflect the myth of Mars in my horoscope.
These additional nuances will help narrow down the vast field of ‘everything Aries’ into hat’s more appropriate to me.

And the same is true of you.

What is the sign on your midheaven ? And where is it’s ruling planet (sign, house). Do you have planets in your tenth house, or very near
the midheaven — these are qualities that should also be reflected in your perfect role.

Lots of questions — and not so many answers, or at least, not easy ones.

You might choose not to wear your Hat, and skip out on that part of a complete and fulfilling life.

But consider the prize:

When you pull on an outfit you like, that matches how you feel, and head out into the world — do you not shine more brightly ?

When you are in role that matches who you really are, and what you really care about, do you not perform more effectively ?

And when you take off a Hat that Fits, isn’t it nice to feel good about your day, what you’ve done and look forward to your
next experience of Wearing The Hat ?

I hope you do.

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