Photos of Darkness

Posted on 12 Jul 2015 by craig


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These images were taken between June 23 and June 29, 2015, as New Horizons’ distance to Pluto decreased from a distance of 15 million to 11 million miles (24 million to 18 million kilometers). Six high-resolution black-and-white images from New Horizons’ LORRI instrument were combined with color data from the Ralph instrument to produce the movie.

This is a face of darkness.

A common astrological principle holds that, when a planet is first ‘discovered’ – e.g., consciously observed by a human eye , perhaps assisted by a telescope – the principle of that planet emerges from the shadows of our unconscious into our awareness, usually marked by a public events or themes that reflect the nature of that planet.

With this in mind, we have the first photos of Pluto coming our way.

If the ‘discovery principle’ holds, I expect a significant emergence of ‘Plutonic’ Issues in our public world.

So, whats happening now ?

As I write this in July 2015, Donald Trump is talking truth, and catching fire, in the US Presidential campaigns. Greece might exit the Euro, revealing deep flaws in the original plan. Will Greece repudiate the Bankers attempt to retain power-over them ? The governor of Puerto Rico has publicly stated that the territory cannot (not will not – cannot!) meet its financial obligations.

Hard truths are coming out …

I’ve a friend with Pluto crossing his Ascendant this year, starting about Jan. 2015. He’s been diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ illness, and is being invited to face, and even express, some of his deep fears, desires and passions.

Where in your life are you willing to dare to look , and to see what someone else’s ‘pictures’ of your potent issues look like ?

– Craig