His astrological studies began in 1974, inspired by a character in the book Macroscope

He is an accomplished Evolutionary Astrologer, holding a Master Astrologer Certificate of Accomplishment from Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship program.

Craig’s interests include Astrology, Permaculture Design, Tantra Kriya Yoga and Contact Improvisational dance. He is also writes software. He is graduate of the Ipsalu Tantra Teacher’s Training (1998),  and is an ordained minister of the Celtic Witan Church (2012).

He’s currently practicing surrender to outside influences by letting his hair grow, as you can see. “May as well grow it out while I can”.  However, he also adds “but it’s hot, and gets in my eyes when I move, so don’t get attached!”.

Craig lives in Escondido, CA (north east of San Diego) where he counsels clients in person, by telephone and via Skype.