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Evolutionary Astrology
I practice what’s coming to be called “Evolutionary Astrology”, abbreviated “EA”. Some of what distinguishes EA from more traditional astrology follows:
EA provides a Prescription for a fulfilling life, not a description. Most of the astrology I first learned describes a person’s characteristics, based on their birth chart. “Because you are an Aries, you are headstrong, brave and stubborn.” While this might happen to be true for a person, as an Evolutionary Astrologer I’d be saying things like “Because the Sun was in the astrological sign of Aries when you were born, you will benefit from developing your courage, initiative and tenacity”.

Evolutionary Astrology is very specifically concerned with the evolution of our soul. Consequently, belief in a ‘soul’ – or something that is well described by that term – goes with the territory. The evaluation of how our current experience is strongly conditioned by what I’ll call “past” experiences of a soul is perhaps the most significant way in which EA differs from more traditional astrology. If this sort of language is not ok for you, then, please let me know, and I’ll use different terms in our session.

A core assumption
I make is that we have some kind of purpose to our life, which begs the question, “what is it ?” Astrology provides one answer to this question. It’s my assertion that , if you follow the lead of your birth chart, developing your awareness of yourself in the ways described by the symbolism of your birth chart, then when it’s time to leave your body, you’ll be ready to go. In that sense, I maintain that astrology provides a map to a life well lived.

Free Will
EA explicitly honors the idea that we have some measure of freedom in our choices. Thus, although I’d recommend to our example Aries person they gain skill in being courageous, they, in their freedom, might choose not to take healthy risks. I’ve heard some astrologers speak of ‘transcending’ their chart as a way towards spiritual freedom. If you spend your life watching television, never engaging in the real world and answering the challenges posed you by your birth chart – well , congratulations ! you have transcended your chart . Yes, you’ve bypassed the difficulties of life, but I don’t think their is much personal growth in such a life.

A life of Change and Growth
Most conventional astrology does not make much provision for recognizing that we are able to reshape our life, our destiny, by altering our consciousness and making different choices. In EA, we put a lot of focus on describing the types of personal growth challenges and opportunities that arise in our lives. This is the focus of the EA interpretation of Transits and Progressions (these are what I call a ‘Seasons’ astrological session).

I don’t do predictions ! If you need to know when you’ll get a better job, or find your soulmate, then I’m probably not the astrologer for you. I don’t think astrology does a very good job at predicting what specific event will happen at a particular time. I do think EA does very well at describing when a particular theme, or set of questions, will arise in your consciousness. Often, these themes show up as observable, outer world events – but, just as often, they don’t. As an astrologer, I feel it’s my job to alert you to the types of questions that will arise, and to help you find your own answers to these questions. As an example, I might tell a client that “in September, you’ll be facing issues of facing and communicating powerful, scary truth with trusted partners and best friends. If you are able to do this, you’ll greatly deepen the power and intimacy of those relationships. If you avoid going deeply into raw, potent truth, then you’ll have a tendency to get into power struggles and issues of control with the people involved. That’s a theme, with the benefit to you and potential pitfalls described. I don’t know what you will actually do. A more conventional astrologer might say, in response to the same astrological concept (Pluto in house 7), “You’ll have fights and transformation with your lover”. Yes, that -could- happen, but there are far more options available to you, in your human freedom.

I love telling stories. In a sense, all I do in an astrological session is to tell you stories intended to explain to you the myth of your life as seen through an astrological lens. A good teaching story is easy to remember, often conveying what is otherwise a dry description. However, please remember that any ‘story’ i tell you is a metaphor – intended to communicate an idea. Please to not take them literally ! Adapt them, use them, make them your own. If they happen to actually describe your life circumstances, great ! But, please, don’t expect that. Paraphrasing Dr. McCoy, from the original Star Trek TV show: “I’m an Astrologer, not a Magician”.

In many ways, I feel the goal of astrology is to support humans (you) to generate growth in your own consciousness – to view the world , both inner and outer, differently. And this is the great promise of Astrology: that changes in consciousness can happen without triggering experiences in the outer world. Thus, where a conventional astrologer might issue a warning about something uncomfortable about to happen in the ‘real’ world, EA says that the outer event is not required. You can do the work of personal growth entirely in your own awareness. And, you can also have exoteric experiences that push you towards the soul growth – the growth in consciousness – that is, I believe, part of what we humans are here to do.

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