Seasons – Current themes of growth

We are constantly evolving and growing.

If you are wanting to know “what’s going to happen in the next year”


if you are trying to make sense of something happening now

then,  a Season’s session is what you want.

While I don’t do “predictions” in the conventional sense (e.g., I can’t tell you when you will get a job, or meet  a new love), I can tell you what themes in your life will be active at a specific time, and suggest how to best use these trends to support your growth. 

So, although I can’t say “you’ll meet a new lover in January”,  I might say “In January, you’ll be ready to learn something new about intimacy, this is what you are learning , and here are specific things you can do to know who to say “no” to, and to whom to say “yes”.

A surfing analogy is that, if you know what kind of wave is heading towards you (smooth,  tall, turbulent…) then you can choose what kind of surfboard you use to try to ride that wave.

Because the timing of the movement in our soul is rarely expressed as a calendar date, I’ll define “when” this will happen as a period of time, or a ‘Season’.

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