We don’t always have an accurate birth time. Without this, about half the information that astrology can offer is lost. Chart Rectification estimates your time of birth. With your help, I will look at the actual events of your life, and find what birth time best corresponds with a horoscope that matches the timing of the significant life events you’ll provide me.

To get started, I’ll ask you to provide me two types of information:

First, I’ll need your best guess about your birth time, and any clues you might have that will narrow down when you were born.  An example might be:

“I was born on Friday,  March 26, 1982,  in Limoges, France. My mother told me it was sometime in the early morning.  My elder sister told me a story about dad putting her to bed late at night saying “you’ll have a new sister or brother by this time tomorrow night”, before putting on a heavy coat and leaving to meet mom at the hospital. An aunt once said she thought I was born near dawn.”

Second, I’ll need a list of significant events in your life, spaced over your lifespan, ideally containing 3 or more events in each decade of your life, with a short comment telling me about about the event and how it affected you.

For example:

Significant Life Events

September, 1986 – Attended public school, had lots of trouble adjusting to other children.

June 7, 1993, Won School science fair “Best Entry” prize for a biology exhibit. Gave me the idea of becoming a scientist or professor.

August 1993 – Visited Grand Canyon for a week. Inspired to start watercolor painting.

June 10 2003 – Graduated College with Bachelor of Science in Biology

May 25, 2004 – Married First husband

November 23 2006 – birth of first child, a son

October 2007 – Divorced First husband

Jan 25 2008 – Mother died, after years of battling cancer. I was both devastated at her death, and relieved she no longer suffered.
April 25, 2009 – Accepted position of Biology Professer, Laffson College.

April 2010 – Met man who would be my current husband.

July 2011 – On sabbatical, in India, met my Guru in his Nadapresh Ashram.

June 2, 2013 – Married Husband – very happy

Nov 2013 – Moved to Boston.

Dec 15 , 2015 Daughter Kate born

Dec 24, 2016 Son injured in bicycle accident. In coma for 2 months. I was deeply depressed, and started to question my faith. Spend most of that winter isolated, painting. I think my painting saved my sanity.

Feb 2, 2017 First words from my daughter.

March 2017 – decided to learn French, and teach it to my daughter, so that she’d have a connection to her French heritage.

4 April 2017 My father died, peacefully. I felt such profound joy coming from him as he passed – what a blessing !

15 August 2018 – Married Benjamin, my beloved husband, in small ceremony in a French village near where I was born.

After you provide me the list of important events, I’ll analyze the various horoscopes of those events to determine what birth times best fit the moments of life’s changes you’ve given me. Typically, I’ll need to talk with you and ask you questions about yourself and your life experiences, often more than once, to arrive at a final answer – my best estimate – of your actual birth time.

Note on Cost: Chart Rectification is quite laborious, and my rates reflect the time required to perform this analysis.  Some of that time will be talking with you; most of it is analyzing the many, many horoscopes I’ll have my computer calculate.

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