Sample Star * Child Calendar

Star * Child Calendar
Provided by: Souljoy Consulting
Prepared for: Allen Zamora

Born: 2020.01.14 01:07:00

planet longitude

Mercury Cap 25 d. 26′
Venus Pis 0 d. 19′
Mars Sag 7 d. 11′

Sample Star * Child report for Skye

   Star * Child Calendar
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A map to guide your journey
During a child’s infancy, we know from developmental psychology that there are specific times
when the baby capabilites are growing more than at other times. For example, Psychologist
Jean Piaget’s theories of cognitive development suggest that during a child’s first 2 years she/he
is in the ‘sensorimotor’ stage , in which the infant knows the world through their movements and sensations.

Astrology also ays that there are periods in the growing child’s life when their developing capabilities
will be accelerated with specific types of experiences.

The Star * Child Calendar tells a parent what type of experiential stimulus to provide , and when to do so,
to help the infant’s evolving mind and brain develop their to their fullest capacities.