Astrology Services

Uranus and Taurus and Me: transformations in 2019 and 2020

This short (20-30 min) session focuses on how the planet Uranus,  bringer of tranformation, breakdown and breakthrough, will affect you in 2019 and 2020.

Child Enrichment Calendar

The Child Enrichment Calendar report  tells a parent what type of experiential stimulus to provide , and when to do so, to help the infant’s evolving mind and brain.The Child Enrichment Calendar will help you help your child be the best baby, and person, they can be.

Sun, Moon and Soul:
This introductory session describes what you need to stay happy, be energized, and carry out your soul’s purpose.

Life Purpose consultation (Natal Chart) :
A natal chart consultation explores your essential self: your needs, talents, pitfalls and possibilities. Self-knowledge grants the power to ask the right questions. From relevant questions come meaningful answers. I use ordinary language, story, compassion and conversation to explain the questions posed by your birth chart. Together, we will find some of the answers

Seasons – Current themes of growth :

We are constantly evolving and growing. A Seasons consultation explores the themes and meaning of what is unfolding your life,  make effective use of your power, and those relevant questions that transform suffering into growing pains.

Relationships consultation :
A Relationship session explains the dominant themes of your interaction with another. I’ll describe each of your relationship styles, how you excite each other, where you might touch sore spots, and how you can heal each other and grow, as partners , friends and lovers.

Choosing the Moment consultation :
Getting off to a good start depends in part on good timing. Electional Astrology advises when to begin a new venture so as to tip life’s odds in your favor. This applies to any significant enterprise to which you are committed: A marriage, a vacation, buying a home, starting a business. Using astrology to pick a good ‘birth’ time won’t guarantee success, but it can tilt the odds a bit in your favor.

50 -50 -50 An introductory session for those over 50:
Covers : “What is my life about, anyway , and how am I doing so far ?” . The basis of happiness changes after 58 (Saturn Return). How to charge our spiritual and sexual batteries (8th house). Upcoming opportunities for growth (Transits and Progressions).