Timing Relationship Magic

Posted on 15 Sep 2017 by admin

I was recently asked to comment on a web post in which the writer wanted to know  a good

day and time to “activate my poppet’s”.   My guess is that this means “I want to draw a new relationship to me”.  As I presume this topic has some interest to my readers, I’m posting my reply here, for the edification of  y’all.


Dear M.,

In your selection of a time to activate your poppets, you’ve mixed, as you wrote,
Classical astrology and modern. As I’m untrained in use of planetary hours and days,
my comments come from what you call Modern Astrology. Specifically, you are
using Electional Astrology,and I suggest you do some research into that topic.

When I select the ‘birth’ time in advance for an event, my first question to my clients is :
“What do you want as the outcome ? ” You then decide which planet, or planets, correspond to
your intent, and pick the event time to make those planets happy and strong (note: these are not the same).
You also want to avoid moments where there are undesirable influences going on, where ‘undesirable” is
depends, again, on your intent.

Electing a chart (that’s the spiffy word to use) is usually a whole lot of compromise, wherein you can strengthen
one part of a horoscope but have to give up something else to get it.

The overall process looks like this:

a) find the date/time range that fits worldly constraints (eg “we want the wedding in June” , or
you work at a day job 8 – 5, so, you have to do stuff on the weekend or in the evening.

b) scan the time frame for obvious “No-Go” signs. If you want anything to happen, the very first
item on my list is to avoid a void-of-course-moon (google this). Basically, when the moon is void of course,
nothing happens – these are great times to meditate and “do nothing” Not great times to produce an external world
result. Your preference to put the moon on an anaretic degree (29 deg. of any sign) is more-or-less the definition
of a void of course moon, so, I would NOT use your provisional time of 7:PM EDT , 6 Oct 2017. My ephemeris
tells me the moon is void-of-course that friday from 6:30 PM to 7:58 EDT, so possibly the earlier times you considered
would work.

You’ll also want to avoid times when the planet you want to strengthen is unwanted aspects.
Based on your post, I’m guessing you want good relationships as the outcome, so, I’d look to make Venus happy.
On Oct 6, Venus is conj. Mars, and is not quite yet square Saturn (that will happen around Sunday, so, that looks pretty good,
adding some heat and passion to the Venus in Virgo.

If it’s relationship you are after, notice that Uranus is conj . the ascendant at 7 PM – lot’s of change and excitement, but unstable.
I’d avoid this.

c) after eliminating the time/days to avoid, look for when the planets you want to make strong are closely connected to
an angle of the chart. I’ll usually look for conjunctions, trines and sextiles.

d) make a list of possible times that satisfy these conditions. Then, you look at your options, and pick the one that
looks best to you.

If you want to keep the Friday start day-of-the-week (also strengthens Venus) I suggest you look at 5:37 PM. That puts Venus right on the 7th house cusp , with Sun, Mercury and Mars also in the 7th house.
Pisces is rising, making the twelfth house Neptune strong. The moon is not yet void of course, and the 29 degree Libra Jupiter you
want is in the the eighth house – which is good for relations, so long as you are generous in intimacy and practice fighting fairly.

This is a very quick evaluation – so, as it’s clearly important to you, I’d look to generate 4 -5 options, and make my pick from those.

May your spirit guide you to the best choice for you.

– C.