Q & A: Can progressed planets affect the natal chart ?

Posted on 10 Feb 2018 by admin

In a recent astrology forum post, someone asked :

“Is a progressed planet significant in its placement in a natal chart? Or are the progressed and natal charts unrelated? Can progressed planets affect the natal chart ?

My Response:Yes, and I generally don’t bother with the a) progressed moon and b) progressed outer planets. (a) because it’s moving fast (about a moonth per aspect) (b) they move so slowly, they never leave the natal position (unless you use a progression technique for which this isn’t so, like solar arc). Generally, I consider both progressed and transiting planets to be (attempting to) stimulate growth in the affected natal planet. Borrowing Steven Forrest’s terminology, the moving planets are Teachers/ Tricksters, whose purpose is to catallyze the conditions for inner growth in the parts of us represented by the natal planet.