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9 February 2020
Ayampe, Euador

I was recently asked “What’s the significance of my progressed moon going into my ninth house.”

Most astrologers would respond with something about ‘it’s time to travel, study, learn” – and that’s true, albeit , a bit shallow.

I’m posting my response now because I’m travelling for a while, living in a foreign country – which would be a perfect response for my friend.

Here’s what I answered. It’s a bit rough, and that’s partly what I’m learning here, in Eucador. Life is simple here. Roosters crow at all hours of night (not just dawn). People accept imperfections – the food is fresh, but has spots. Eggs are’t refrigerated. the roads are dirt. And the sunsets are magnificent, the waves glorious, and I’m hoping to learn to surf well enough while I’m here to be able to enjoy the waves outside my window. In the spirit of easy-going Ecuador, I’m not editing what I wrote for perfect punctuation. Heart , here, is what counts, not the perfect glossy finish of endless polish.. I hope you enjoy my writing.

Dear R.,

I’d say that you are being called to first catalog, and then make sense of, the powerful feelings you have been having for a few years as the moon went through your eighth house. That is, having allowed yourself to feel a lot of intensity , w/o judging it, just noting it all, now it’s time to take a years to make sense of it all, and to revise your ideas and philosophies about life to account for what you’ve been through.

Your ‘heart’, then, would be starting to crave new frontiers, to seek a different understanding ,and to question whatever it is you think you know, as your belief systems (would have become) outdated .. you need a fresh perspective on what you ‘know’ to be true. Asking ‘how do other cultures answer the questions that my experience has brought up in me” is a good plan. As an example, here, no grocery stores. Fruit, eggs and vegetables come from a guy in a beat up truck who honks at the front door every few days. He comes when he comes, and you buy what he’s got…. if he has it. No hot water either. We use soap. No toilet paper in the toilet. you wipe, put it in a trash can, and wash really well with soap and cold water… a different life-style – lower cost, maybe lower sanitation.

I’d think of reconfiguring my life to allow some form of ‘travel’, or consciosly seek out strangers, museums, new religions, … and challenge your beliefes, whenever you notice you ‘believe’ something, ask yourself ‘why do i believe this ? “ what agenda might that belief serve ? And to deliberately run many, many thought experiments, that look like “If I actually believed something differently than I do, how would that change my experience of the world, and what I think it all means

In a sense, you’ve reached a point where you have come to believe your own propaganda about your emotions. Life is asking you to take a few years to examine the roots of what you believe, and reshape those understandings. If you do so with intention, your world will open, and you will find a new faith in life, coming from making sense of the last few years of powerful feelings. If you don’t take charge of challenging your beliefs , life will happily put you in places where you are forced to confront what no longer works.

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Uranus in Taurus


I was recently asked “How will Uranus in Taurus affect Business ?” Normally, I’d reply “that’s not the kind of astrology I practice” adding something about how, in astrology, there are no “one size fits all” answers, and that I don’t predict future events, possibly adding that I pay little heed to astrological phenomena UNLESS they relate directly to the birth chart of a specific person.

However, today, as an exercise in moving out of my personal comfort zone , and as conscious experiment with new behaviors – I’m going to attempt a concrete answer.

In a sense, the entire question is a set up – it’s phrasing implies that there is such a thing as “an answer”, and , more precisely, an answer of value and significance to the individual asking – or , said differently, that a single answer applicable to anyone who might ask exists. It does not – and, yet, it does – thus, simply asking the question with the presumption that it’s answerable is in itself a paradox, a Koan – and one that is deliciously Uranian: how can the planet most associated with individuality , uniqueness,, and rule-breaking possibly provide an answer that will fit everyone ?

One of my expectations about our collective experience of the calls to action posed by Uranus in Taurus is that we’ll be pressed by circumstance to make swift, intuitive decisions whose consequences persist. In such a time, it’s likely that many of the ‘changes’ arising from such a decision making process will have rough edges, may look like mistakes and in general, break the ‘rules’ of our traditional thought processes. This article : I’ve been ruminating on what to write for several weeks now , and have reached a place where I simply Want It Done ! – and I’m willing to put out, into the public eye, what is basically a rough draft – in the spirit of Uranus in Taurus. I think we’ll see much more of this, and among other challenges, we’ll be invited to look beneath the surface for essence and what really matters, and be forgiving on the style of what’s said and done.

Terms and Abbreviations

In this article I’ll be using some specialized astrological language and a few convenient abbreviations. You can look up more detailed definitions on line. Those I’ll use here are:

Uranus: The Astrological planet Uranus, and it’s function in the human psyche.
Aries : The astrological sign of Aries, as defined by the Tropical Zodiac.
Taurus : The astrological sign of Taurus.
U. in A. : Uranus in Aries – the span of time during which the planet Uranus appears to a human observer on Earth to be in the tropical zodiacal sign of Aries.
U. in T. : Uranus in Taurus – the span of time during which the planet Uranus appears to a human observer on Earth to be in the tropical zodiacal sign of Taurus.

The Theoretical Answer

Astrological Theory says that when an astrological planet changes sign, what changes is the quality of energy, or style, though which the core functions of that planet are expressing. The book The Inner Sky describes Uranus as “The Outlaw, the Rule Breaker, the Rebel. A key theme of Uranus is that it ‘changes what it touches’. For insight into what kind of changes, we’ll need to know something about context – what/who is changing For an individual, Uranian changes are generally about locating a place in life that is stale, stuck , and usually, where the person or entity is what I’ll call “inauthentic” – where they are behaving according to the standards and expectations of others, and not their unique, individuated self. The ‘changes’ that seem to be catalyzed by Uranian events tend to be expressions of freedom and individuality, all in the name of recovering one’s authenticity.

This time, it’s Different

Uranus, like every planet, has passed changed sign before. The most recent of these was when, back in 2010 and, notably, March 11, 2011…

On that day we had an experience with the highly visible types of change and breakthroughs characteristics of U. in A. (Fukushima) With Uranus in Taurus – this time- I think our experiences will be a little bit different.

With Uranus in Aries, the locus of disruption and sudden change expresses through a style of risk taking, of adventure, of danger, of war: This time, however, the flavoring is more calm, more stable – more earthy. I expect that our experience of the disruptions to come will be much more intense than when U. Moved into the fire sign of Aries. I think about it like this:

Imagine you are standing in front of a crackling fire. Every now and then a spark pops out and hits your arm – you feel a brief sting, but it’s not really all that surprising , as throwing out sparks is in the nature of what a fire does. Now imagine you are standing in from of a marble wall – and the same spark leaps out, and burns you in the exact same spot. You’d probably jump a lot more than in the first scenario – not because the spark was different, but because you don’t expect sparks from a solid rock wall. Because it’s unexpected, your experience of what happens is much stronger.

The changes arising from U. in T. will seem more shocking because they will occur in places where we don’t expect change.

I expect that our experience of Uranus in Taurus will be much more intense than that of Uranus through Aries, simply because Aries is much happier with change than Taurus – another way to say this is that it’s easier to accept change in areas that are naturally risky – but, when change comes to whats usually stable, then we get unglued.

The General Answer

The influence of the planet Uranus is to show us where we’ve become stale and inauthentic in our lives, and to invent, or re-invent , who and what we are, to explore our individuality and freedom. In the astrological sign of Taurus, for all of us, it’s a global call to awareness about our values, our needs, and how we meet those needs and take actions based on our values. As Uranus moves through Taurus, i expect experiences of sudden shock and awakening about what we truly care about – our needs, values and resources.

We’ll see this as a few types of phenomena

1) Slowly growing crises will come to a climax – many of the ways we’ve been assuming “things will be ok in the future because they’ve always been ok “ will fall apart dramatically.

2) Innovation will enter areas that have , heretofore, held it back.

3) Technologies the empower the indiviual.

4) The tide of centralization will turn to favoring decentralized power and wealth .

Some Specific Answers

I’ve attempted to provide a general answer – one which will empower you, my reader, to answer this question yourself. Here, I’ll provide a few off-the-cuff “Predictions” about specific areas in which I expect we’ll see some jolts, breakdowns and breakthroughs….

1) Money
As never before , our world is inventing new kinds of what I’ll broadly call “money”. A better term would be currency. I think we’ll see change and disruption in national currencies, most notably the US dollar. Public knowledge of the weaknesses of our monetary systems will become widespread, and new types of currency, and economic theories will appear – think BitCoin, and Modern Monetary Theory. Some will prove useful, some will go away, some may cause great harm. Some of what we’ve relied on as “solid” will prove anything but. The forces of control and centralization will want to keep the existing systems of national fiat currency – the forces of competition and individualization will favor decentralized currencies, such as BitCoin.

2) US Stock Market & Economy
“Truth will Out” – Many financial systems considered safe and reliable will be shown to have what my parent’s generation called a ‘Credibility Gap”. I expect the US Stock Market Dow Jones valuations to drop by half, possibly more.

3) Agriculture
The computer and robotic revolutions will come to agriculture – many unskilled jobs will be replaced by harvest robots – and – we’ll have revolutions in how we grow food. Urban gardening will become popular, as will the apps to tell an aspiring, but ignorant, urban farmer, how to grow.

4) Building Trades
The building trades, long a bastion of skilled and unskilled labor, will see some of the traditional jobs replaced by robots. I’m currently aware of brick-laying robots, and 3D printers which can print up a house. I think we’ll see more of this. Tiny Homes will become popular and some innovative city planners will embrace the movement, instead of actively opposing it.

5) Fast Food
Burger making robots already exist – I think we’ll see much fast food preparation and delivery replaced by robots that cook, and by drones that deliver.

6) Manufacturing
a) More robotic automation of work previously done by humans. Many job categories thought immune to automation will be replaced by machine intelligence. Rote work, and work that is mostly routine will be given to machines. This is already happening with customer service work – it’s my opinion that the last time I had a ‘chat session’ with Amazon regarding a purchase I was talking to a computer, not a human. I think we’ll see much more of this.

b)  I expect the world of 3D Printing to fulfill its promise of revolutionizing our manufacturing industry, bring a level of customization to what we make that has not been seen since the demise of the village blacksmith.   

7) Mining
Mining is among the more conservative industries. There are already startup companies bringing information technology innovations to mining; I expect we’ll see new types of mining processes applied to a very old profession.

8) Space
Space Travel is now where aviation was when the Wright brothers souped up a bicycle. In the next 7 years, I think we’ll see the first “Space” industries start to make real stuff in space that can’t be manufactured on earth.

9) Infrastructure
We’ve been hearing for years about the sorry state of our bridges, roads and other areas of the ‘built environment’ In California, recent rains nearly destroyed an old dam near the city of Oroville. I expect we’ll see catastropic breakdowns where repairs have been delayed.

9) Earth and Ecosystem Changes
a) with the planet of change in the sign of earth, I expect more earthquakes. If you live, as I do, in California, you might consider buying homeowners earthquake insurance.

b) We currently live in an economic system that has, up till now, been steadily growing for a few centuries. This has an implicit assumption that we can grow and expand forever. As we all live on the same, finite, planet, I think U. in T. will bring undeniable experiences that there really are serious non-negotiable limits to growth as we currently define the term.


I began this article with a question “How will Uranus in Taurus affect Business ?”, noting that I don’t think a general answer is possible. Specific answers – e.g., how will U. in T. affect me ? are answerable by looking at how Uranus is presently affecting your personal birth chart . Pretty much any competent astrologer can give you insight and guidance about this: where you, specifically, can expect challenges and breakthroughs.

To help you get started answering this question, anyone born near 21 April, 24 July, 25 October and 23 December can expect life to ask you questions about how you’ve been pretending to be someone you are not , what you’ve gotten by suppressing your individuality, and where might you re-invent who you think you are.

If you like my writing, you might consider an astrology session with me to answer this question of how Uranus in Taurus will touch your life. Please consider booking a “Seasons” astrological session for insight into how all the planets are affecting your life, or , for a shorter, and more affordable look at just Uranus, sign up for “Uranus and Taurus and Me: transformations in 2019 and 2020”. Please see http://www.souljoy.com/astrology/astrology-services for details.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a quote from my first Psychology college class. Our professor told us a story whose moral he summarized as “Welcome the Stranger” . We are, all of us, living in a time of uncertainty and change. Will you hold on to the apparent safety of the past ? Will you allow insight to alter your world for the better ? Maybe some of both ? I hope, as our world adjusts to a new sense of what’s possible, with an altered experience of limits, that you’ll stay open to “strangers” , and let them help you re-invent yourself.

  • Craig

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