Plan, Practice, Persist : This Fall, change Fear into Power

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Covida: a chronic state of irrational fear, uncertainty and doubt .
See Also: Microsoft Corporation, F.U.D.

As I write, our world is consumed by Covidia. Prescriptions for how turn fear into power (thanks, Starhawk for this idea) are especially pertinent now, as Mars, the planet of courage and action, offers you tutelage between now and the end of December, 2020

Today,12 August 2020 :

A call to arms – how will you answer ?

Mars is in the first of 3 squares to Pluto. Time to look what scares you straight in the eye and be bold. Don’t worry if it’s tough, or terrifying, or if you don’t do a good job of being brave .. life will hand you several opportunities this year to get it right.

‘Twixt now and late December, we’ll have a chance to practice – at least thrice – how we handle issues of assertion and desire, or the lack thereof. Put a bit differently, for all of us, we’ll be invited to :

1) take a deep breath and calm down
2) figure out exactly what you want / are not getting
3) take the minimum action needed to get (2).

Because of the singular retrograde, odds are that whatever you _do_ for (3), you’ll need to persist, and do it again.

if you botch (2) then you’ll find yourself enraged or depressed (same thing, just not expressed) over what will be fundamentally distractions from the main issue.

Mars is all about developing courage ….

So, where in your life will this call to action occur ?

If you know your rising sign, the following may help you identify where in your own life
you’ll get the call to go deep into how you get your needs met (Mars).

If not, and you’d like a free tool to find out, let me know. If enough people ask for it, I’ll add something to this web site that will tell you ..
– Craig

Aries rising:

Do you stand up for yourself and declare : This is Who I Am , and that is what I want, w/o apologizing to anyone ? Improve your self-assertion.

Taurus rising:

Something about your connection to god/spirit/imagination/inspiration wants you to be brave. A vision quest calls you – spend a night , alone, in the wild. Your connection to “soul” needs you to do something scary and bold, to widen your doorway to infinity.

Homework Assignment #1 : look up the original definition of “Awe”.
Assignment #2: Answer this question:
In “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, why did Indiana Jones cover his eyes and ears in the scene when the Ark of the Covenant was opened ?

Real spirituality is not for sissies …

Gemini Rising:

Find those people and groups who want what you want – eg. your community – and _do_ something constructive about what stops you, preferably as part of a team with others.

Authors note: Please do NOT take this as any kind of endorsement of the violence I see each day in the news. That is exactly opposite of what I’m preachin’ here.

Cancer Rising:

Mars is in your tenth house. Figure out what is not happening in your professional life, and claim your right to act publicly. Take a public stand that’s not ‘safe’.

Leo Rising:

Teach ! Study ! Boldly go where none have gone before , Challenge your beliefs..

Virgo Rising:

Be naughty. show your passion, take (considered) risks in being honest with those you love. Trust (but verify!). Call forth your personal creative magic and do something that matters. Ask for something you want and are afraid to have…

Libra Rising:

This is a tough one. With Libra rising, odds are you’ve benefited by crafting, and wearing, a mask of peace, calm , politeness. With Mars in your seventh house, it’s time to remember what the first astrologer I studied with taught me (thanks, James Farrell, wherever you are..)
“Libra is the sign of Peace …. and War”. Be diplomatically assertive, brave and fierce with those you deeply love and trust. Know what you want and need, and share that with your bestie’s .

Scorpio Rising:

Imagine: you are having a quiet night at home. maybe you are brooding about something that annoys you. Suddenly … a knock at the door. You look through the spy-hole (or maybe ask Ring to show you who’s out there) and see what looks like a Samurai warrior… She’s got swords and guns – and that’s just what you can see… clearly, someone dangerous.

“Who is it ? ” you call out.
Comes the answer: “You think you know how to fight, but you are blinded by toxic passion. I am here to teach you precision and skill, if you can humble your pride and receive schooling” …

Sagittarius Rising:

Party ! time to Have Some Fun – be creative, try new things, push the edges of your self-expressions and reveal, to the right audience, something so personal , so deep that, in the wrong hands, they might hurt you. Dare it anyway. your creative power has become blocked, and you need to take a chance to re-open your access to Joy.

Capricorn Rising:

Within your family (birth family, your adoptive tribe .. best friends forever) be brave.
be clear about what you want and need, ask yourself – is this what i was taught to want, or is it really from my deep core self ?” if the latter, you need to let your intimates know who you really are.

Aquarius Rising:

Expand you inner heretic. Post troubling questions on Facebook (and yes, you might get blocked. dare it anyway !) . Pursue thoughts that might lead to trouble. Raise your voice in a disagreement. Write a strong letter to an editor. If you see an Emporer without any clothes, in a crowd that ignores the obvious, grab a bullhorn and shout the news..
For you, until the end of December, “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.”

Pisces Rising:

Boldness feeds your self-esteem. Figure out what you need, and find an ethical way to take it. Don’t let the lies that you are not worth it, or worth anything, stop you. Note what stops you, and direct your anger into action. if you don’t , the passivity induced by apparently hopeless frustration will drain your life into oblivion. Don’t fall for that trap. Commit to making an omelette, and break a few eggs.

Note: this particular blog shamelessly borrows some of it’s descriptions of Mars from my teacher, Steven Forrest.

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What matters is always changing…

9 February 2020
Ayampe, Euador

I was recently asked “What’s the significance of my progressed moon going into my ninth house.”

Most astrologers would respond with something about ‘it’s time to travel, study, learn” – and that’s true, albeit , a bit shallow.

I’m posting my response now because I’m travelling for a while, living in a foreign country – which would be a perfect response for my friend.

Here’s what I answered. It’s a bit rough, and that’s partly what I’m learning here, in Eucador. Life is simple here. Roosters crow at all hours of night (not just dawn). People accept imperfections – the food is fresh, but has spots. Eggs are’t refrigerated. the roads are dirt. And the sunsets are magnificent, the waves glorious, and I’m hoping to learn to surf well enough while I’m here to be able to enjoy the waves outside my window. In the spirit of easy-going Ecuador, I’m not editing what I wrote for perfect punctuation. Heart , here, is what counts, not the perfect glossy finish of endless polish.. I hope you enjoy my writing.

Dear R.,

I’d say that you are being called to first catalog, and then make sense of, the powerful feelings you have been having for a few years as the moon went through your eighth house. That is, having allowed yourself to feel a lot of intensity , w/o judging it, just noting it all, now it’s time to take a years to make sense of it all, and to revise your ideas and philosophies about life to account for what you’ve been through.

Your ‘heart’, then, would be starting to crave new frontiers, to seek a different understanding ,and to question whatever it is you think you know, as your belief systems (would have become) outdated .. you need a fresh perspective on what you ‘know’ to be true. Asking ‘how do other cultures answer the questions that my experience has brought up in me” is a good plan. As an example, here, no grocery stores. Fruit, eggs and vegetables come from a guy in a beat up truck who honks at the front door every few days. He comes when he comes, and you buy what he’s got…. if he has it. No hot water either. We use soap. No toilet paper in the toilet. you wipe, put it in a trash can, and wash really well with soap and cold water… a different life-style – lower cost, maybe lower sanitation.

I’d think of reconfiguring my life to allow some form of ‘travel’, or consciosly seek out strangers, museums, new religions, … and challenge your beliefes, whenever you notice you ‘believe’ something, ask yourself ‘why do i believe this ? “ what agenda might that belief serve ? And to deliberately run many, many thought experiments, that look like “If I actually believed something differently than I do, how would that change my experience of the world, and what I think it all means

In a sense, you’ve reached a point where you have come to believe your own propaganda about your emotions. Life is asking you to take a few years to examine the roots of what you believe, and reshape those understandings. If you do so with intention, your world will open, and you will find a new faith in life, coming from making sense of the last few years of powerful feelings. If you don’t take charge of challenging your beliefs , life will happily put you in places where you are forced to confront what no longer works.

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